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“Incredible! A dream come true!” “My knees were shaking!” “Insanely wild!!”
Odaiba, Tokyo—2016
VR entertainment facility “VR ZONE Project i Can” is back — the facility that created an unprecedented and overwhelming sense of immersion and realness with cutting-edge VR technology and exclusively developed sensory machines, and invited over 37,000 visitors into a whirl of amazement and excitement, finally returns.

This time the VR ZONE will open in the middle of Shinjuku, inside an enormous facility built exclusively for VR ZONE SHINJUKU. We have prepared an array of new “outstandingly real experiences” that will grant your dreams and satisfy your curiosity.

Come and experience the mind bending and heart thumping activities, and go absolutely wild with your friends.

What awaits you is a rare “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.

Are you ready?

Dream Wild
Project i Can