Thank you for the 21st month VR ZONE SHINJUKU Closed on March 31, 2019
Suitable for: 7 years old and above(parental consent is required for those under 13 years old)
An Eva, backed into a corner at the end of a hard battle with an Angel.
Just when things looked dire, the Eva went berserk!
Experience the uncontrollable natural power of an Eva in the cockpit (Throne of Souls)!
The Eva Mark.06 joins the fight, allowing up to 4 players!
The cutscene inside the cockpit surrounding the pilot has been updated, and the realism has been scaled up.
Combat balance has been readjusted based on player feedback, and controls have been improved for easier fighting.
The wonders of VR technology have fully recreated the cockpit, aka “Throne of Souls”, inside the EVA Entry Plug. Board a specialized sensory machine and pilot an EVA in a VR world of massive scale.
The 10th Angel is attacking Tokyo-3! Defeat it with the help of three other companions on EVAs, before your operational time runs out!
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