Thank you for the 21st month VR ZONE SHINJUKU Closed on March 31, 2019
Suitable for: 7 years old and above(parental consent is required for those under 13 years old)
As you gaze up at the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue,suddenly, its Beam Rifle bursts into life!Then, the Psycho Frame shines with a dazzling glow, and the now-mobile Unicorn Gundam extends a hand to you.
Hold on tight as you weave through an enemy onslaught!
The SINANJU charges toward you - piloted by "the Second Coming of THE RED COMET," Full Frontal!
In the face of its power, you will understand just how small humans are.
The ground shakes from the battle's intensity. You soar and weave with the life-sized Unicorn Gundam, buffeted by winds high over Odaiba.Packed with a variety of sensory tricks, this activity lets you experience an intense, full-body, life-sized Mobile Suit battle!

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