Thank you for the 21st month VR ZONE SHINJUKU Closed on March 31, 2019


Suitable for: 7 years old and above(parental consent is required for those under 13 years old)
*May be paired with navigators and/or other guests.
As a rookie of the special force team created by Motoko Kusanagi, join in the fight against the terrorist organization.
Employ iconic, powerful technology from Ghost in the Shell such as optical camouflage, prosthetic body, cyberbrain, etc. Become fully immersed and experience futuristic warfare for yourself.

What is Field VR Activity?

Experience this activity on a large dedicated 20m X 12m arena with a highly sophisticated multi-person full body tracking system.
A maximum of up to 8 players can participate in this 4 vs 4 team battle.

Review your mission results after the experience!

Dream Wild
Provision of Equipment:
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