Thank you for the 21st month VR ZONE SHINJUKU Closed on March 31, 2019

VR Activity precautions

Please be aware of the following when using VR Activity

■You may not use the service if:
Children less than 7 years of age, children less than 13 years of age without a guardian's consent (There are some VR activities that cannot be used by those 7 or older but less than 13 years of age).
Heart Problems  Intoxicated
Health Ailments   Motion Sickness Pregnant
Those with hearing or visual impairments  Those who have had seizures, fainted, or other problems due to flashing lights
※Those who cannot walk without assistance may be ineligible for certain VR Activities.
※We ask that customers with mobility issues enquire with a navigator.
※Customers with a condition that may be aggravated by VR Activities should refrain from usage.
■Do not use if you have these conditions:
Vertigo, Claustrophobia, Respiratory Disease, Seizures, High Blood Pressure,
Scotophobia, Neck Back Hip Ailments, Frail Skin, Photosensitive.
※Customers who are uncomfortable with experiences that may cause them to feel fear or danger are asked to refrain from using the service.
■Usage Warnings
●Admission may be restricted due to safety concerns.
●Please follow the navigator’s instructions.
●Please refrain from cutting in line and saving spots for VR activities, as well as eating and drinking while partaking in VR activities.
●Please take moderate breaks when partaking in the VR activities.
●Operation may suddenly be suspended without advance notice due to malfunction/maintenance.
●Reception will end 30 minutes before closing time, but may end earlier due to crowding.
●Please check the warnings for each VR activity in advance.
[Clothing and Footwear]
●Certain VR activities require you to stand to operate. For your safety, please wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable to move in.
●Please do not wear sandals, open-toe shoes, or high-heels for the activities.
●Depending on the VR activity, you may be required to remove or change footwear.
●Certain activities can not be experienced with attire deemed unsuitable.
(ex. Yukata, Cosplay Costume with large decorations, etc.)
[For Customers With Glasses]
●Wearing glasses with the VR goggles is permitted, however, depending on size and shape, certain glasses may not fit into the VR goggles.
●It is recommended to use contact lens.
●We assume no responsibility for damage done to glasses and ask participants to use caution when wearing glasses.
●Using bifocal contact lens/glasses may affect the VR experience.
[If You Start to Feel Unwell]
●Participants may experience eye fatigue, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, motion sickness like symptoms, etc.
●If you start to feel sick or any other abnormalities, stop use immediately and rest until you have recovered.
●In addition, the above symptoms may occur after your VR experience. In this case please rest until you have fully recovered.