Thank you for the 21st month VR ZONE SHINJUKU Closed on March 31, 2019

Precautions on site


■About the Facility
・Operating hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Open year round, admission ends at 21:00)
・Services provided may be changed or suspended due to unavoidable circumstances as needed.
・Admission to this facility and/or VR activities may be restricted due to crowding.
・Wait times given for admission and activities are merely given as estimates.
・Goods sold and distributed in the facility are limited in quantity. Please be understanding if an item is unavailable.
・Please enquire at the Information Counter near the entrance for lost children and belongings.
・Images, video, and audio recorded for all types of media coverage may be televised or used in articles.
・If you wish to re-enter the facility, please visit the Information Counter. (Re-entry available until 21:00)
・Contents and prices given may be changed without advance warning.
・Please use the lockers (fee required) for carry-on luggage and other large items.
・We do not have dedicated parking lots or spaces.
・Please smoke in designated smoking areas.
・All product prices include tax.
■Facility Warnings
・We strictly prohibit the following at this facility:
Use of roller skates, distribution of flyers, rallying, giving speeches, touting, or other commercial activities, monopolizing
passages and shared spaces, cutting in line, selling or exhibiting goods, and other troublesome or dangerous acts.
・Customers are prohibited from bringing: dangerous goods or pets (excluding guide dogs), food or beverages, selfie
sticks/tripods and other photography/filming accessories.
・Please refrain from leaving personal items unattended. Unattended items will be picked up and held as found articles.
・Please refrain from taking pictures or video during some VR activities.
・You may be refused admission if you do not follow the navigator’s instructions.
■About Goods/Food & Beverage
・Restaurant last orders: the last order for food menus will be 21:00, and drink menus will be 21:45.
・There may be a quantity limit or other purchase conditions for some products.
・Product designs may be differ from when originally announced.
・Actual products may differ from images.
・Please check the Food Allergy List for information on allergens.
・We accept the following credit cards:
 VISA、MasterCard、Life、UnionPay、Saison Card